I write for Medium, Simple-Talk, SQLShack, and SQL Server Central. Here’s some of my favorite pieces.

How DBA’s Can Adopt the Craftsman Mindset

I try and follow the mindset of a craftsman every day in my work, as laid out in Cal Newport’s excellent book So Good They Can’t Ignore You. In this article I laid out how DBA’s can do this and reap rewards in their careers.

On Adopting the Mindset of an Enterprise DBA

I wrote this as a way to teach people how to think like a DBA who manages large environments. It’s a five part series that covers everything from standardizing your work to automation and delegation, so you can really focus on what matters.

Five Rules for Successful Conversations With DBAs

My first ever published work, and still one of my favorites. It generated controversy but the overall feedback was positive. If you need to interact with a DBA I highly recommend you read this. (I also wrote a companion piece from the perspective of a developer.