About Me
I'm a senior DBA at Gateway Ticketing Systems and the co-founder of Do It Simply Software, a startup dedicated to making simple, really useful tools for IT professionals and developers. I love learning about SQL Server and helping others learn.

SQL-Tools Kit

Over time I’ve accumulated a number of useful scripts and stored procedures. To help you out, I’ve bundled them up into a kit that I make freely available; after all, why duplicate someone else’s work?

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My Writings On All Things SQL

I write for Simple-Talk, SQLShack, and SQL Server Central. Here’s some of my favorite pieces.

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AGFA (Availability Group Failover Automation) Framework

The Availability Group Failover Automation Framework (or AGFA) is a tool designed to allow for automation of planned availability group failovers.

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Free SQL-Tools Kit

Want all my free tools in one bundle? Then sign up by clicking on this button and I'll send you a link. They've proven incredibly useful for me and I know they will for you too!